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Creative Facial Sculpting and enhancements for loss of volume and removal of wrinkles

Creative Facial Sculpting and enhancements for loss of volume and removal of wrinkles using combination therapy with Dermal Fillers, (Radiesse, Belotero, et al), Botulinum Toxin (Xeomin), and Rodan and Fields Dermatologists products. Pain-free, Intra-oral technique to eliminate bruising and leaves no marks on the skin! Refresh yourself and Be Raediant!

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Dr. Rae is an expert at using dermal fillers and Botox–in SWFL and on a worldwide level

Dr. Rae is an expert at using dermal fillers and Botox–in SWFL and on a worldwide level. Her expertise combats sagging skin, wrinkles and deflated skin. She has taught her Botox technique to many other health care professionals.

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Exceeding your expectations with a caring attitude and a gentle touch

Bonnie Rae, DMD has been at the forefront of comprehensive dental care since 1989. Dr. Bonnie Rae has advanced training in all aspects of cosmetic and functional full mouth reconstruction. Sedation techniques are utilized to ensure the comfort of her patients. Personalized service is provided to each individual's needs. Achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful smile for a lifetime is the primary goal.

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Ivy F

Dr. Rae is AMAZING! She is not only the nicest person and has the best "bed side manner" but she's so gentle during her injections, I don't feel anything! Dr. Rae is really great at explaining everything in detail and there's never any pressure to get injected. I really feel like she's there for me. Being someone who has worked in the cosmetic surgery industry, I've been injected by several world famous cosmetic surgeons and Dr. Rae is by far better at injecting than anyone I've ever been to. I have really deep set eyes and I always have the problem of my lids drooping after Botox. I've been going to Dr. Rae for a year now and that's never happened. She's awesome! I really recommend anyone looking to look younger and have better skin to visit Dr. Rae, she's the BEST!


Highly recommend Dr. Rae's services. She is extremely experienced on current products that work best for your needs. In the past I would experience severe swelling from filler injections by other providers but no swelling at all and better results this time with Dr. Rae. I'd highly recommend Dr. Rae.

L. R.

The improvement in my skin has been amazing and years have been erased from my face. My face is younger, fuller and radiant.


Wonderful experience , Dr. Bonnie was very accommodating . Highly recommend her. Very knowable and skilled in her practice. I am very thankful.


She does great looking, natural lips. Mine have never looked better!


Highly recommend Dr. Rae's services. She is extremely experienced on current products that work best for your needs. In the past I would experience severe swelling from filler injections by other providers but no swelling at all and better results this time with Dr. Rae. I'd highly recommend Dr. Rae.


Dr. Rae was great. She shared her knowledge and suggested the best treatment for me. I never felt pressured into anything more than I needed. I highly recommend her.


My procedure for belotero under the eyes and Juvederm for my cheeks was performed by Dr. Rae. Both procedures turned out exceptionally well.


She was so knowledgeable & gave me great tips. She did the injections thru my mouth so I had no marks or scabs on my face. She listened to my concerns and injected a little at a time so I cld monitor how much more I wanted & where. I loved her!

Jenny R.

Dr. Rae gave me beautiful lips just how I wanted them she's very nice and very professional and for sure is my permanent doctor for fillers from now on!

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Kathie Putman

Dr Bonnie Rae is the most ethical practitioner I have ever encountered. She treated what was needed painlessly and without causing any redness or marks. She also explained some lines were cause by sleeping on my face and could be corrected by a change in position instead of selling me unnecessary product . She is gentle and spends quality time answering questions and explaining options. A first class experience

Michele N.

I've never had a more professional and pleasant experience as I did after my first visit with Dr. Rae. She's definitely my new "go-to" doctor for fillers.....

Suzanne Clark

Dr Bonnie is a wonderful, kind, and gentle injector! Her technique surpasses any other I have experienced, due to her medical denistry training, I walked out after receiving my filler, without looking swollen, red or bruised. She is great! What more can I say but her a try!



How should one go about choosing if they should whiten there teeth? What is the best way to do it? These may be questions that you have thought about. First of all, if you have these questions then most likely you do not have a relationship with a trusted dentist who would certainly be the best person to advise you. If that is the case i strongly urge you to find a dental professional who has been recommended by someone you trust. It is of critical importance to have a healthy dentition prior to any such treatment. Only a qualified dentist can perform the necessary evaluation to be sure that you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. Keep in mind that hygienists are not trained nor licensed to diagnose dental pathology or give treatment recommendations. Often times when people choose to only see the hygienist things are overlooked or missed which can lead to bigger problems. It is worth the extra time and money to have thorough examinations by the doctor.
I came upon a site that I thought was providing very worthwhile information regarding the questions of teeth whitening. Here is an excerpt from Animated-Teeth.com.

“Which professional teeth whitening system is best?”
Try to pick the best dentist, not the best whitening system.

There are a number of factors that play a role in teeth whitening outcomes. Clearly the precise situation that the patient presents with is one major factor. Not all patients can obtain the same whitening results. As an example, people with darker teeth tend to get a greater degree of whitening than those with lighter teeth. Additionally, any degree of whitening that is achieved will relapse at different rates with different people. Actually, even different teeth in a person’s mouth can respond to teeth whitening products slightly differently.

Beyond these variables, a patient’s whitening outcome can be affected by factors associated with the technique the dentist uses when applying the whitener. Specific whiteners are intended to be handled and utilized in a specific way. The outcome of the whitening treatments can be affected by the dentist’s adherence to the protocol recommended by the manufacturer.

We would think that the best way to pick a professional teeth whitening system is by way of choosing the dentist who will perform the treatments. Is the dentist someone who seems to have a great interest in teeth whitening? Do they perform a lot of whitening treatments? Do they have more than one whitening method to offer you? Do you know any of their patients who have had whitening treatments performed and are they happy with the results? Choose the dentist that you feel can do the best job, then rely on the dentist to pick the whitening product that they feel gives the best results.”

I wholeheartedly agree with this advice. The practitioner is much more important than the brand name of the product. A high quality, conscientious doctor will certainly be using high quality, proven products and services.

All the best for your oral health and keep on smiling!

It warms my heart to be of service to those whom come to me for their dental care. Each one of us has a calling in this life and I truly believe that my calling is to touch humanity through my healing hands. I am reminded everyday that what I do for people is so much more than fixing teeth. When in the course of a dental appointment my patients open up to me and share glimpses of their life story it weaves a common thread. Everyone has a story. As someone once said to me, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. It is my heart’s desire to ensure that everyone who sits before me in my dental chair first and foremost know that I truly care about them. This week has been especially gratifying as person after person have expressed affirmative comments regarding my care of them. When a six year old boy was literally laughing throughout his cleaning appointment his dad said, “boy, I wish I had a dentist like you when I was a kid”. When a grown man observed and commented on how happy I seem doing his dental work and called me the humming dentist it made me smile all the more. When an Omani woman sat before me and shared her heartfelt feelings about her personal life, when usually Omani woman are very reserved, we shared a special connection. When I wake up in the morning and find text messages of “Thanks” from my patients from the day before, it makes my day. All of these experiences are enriching and give added value to my purpose. It is for me all about being of service. I thank you all who have given me your trust to give you not only a beautiful, healthy smile, but also allow me to give you something to smile about!
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